Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wham Bam Tram

There have already been 13 collisions with the light rail train since it opened three months ago. Someone on the radio mentioned today that it amounts to 1 collision every 6 days. Wow.

Some of the pictures along with the article were great, but the video is even better:

So far, most of the feedback from the light rail has been overwhelmingly positive. Let's hope they can get some of these kinks worked out before any of the rail lines are extended.

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Heath Reed said...

Almost all of these collisions are not the fault of the light rail system or operator. Most is because we have stupid motorist in this state that do not pay attention to what is going on around them or are just plain stupid in general. There are reasons why we have the longest yellow and red lights in the country and red light running cameras at our intersections. People do not pay attention and or break the law because they can’t wait.

Thing is, every city that gets a brand new system like this, there are always growing pains and accidents. At least there has not been a fatality yet. Not everything can be perfect even with a successful system. The real test will be this summer and the ridership numbers then when school is out for ASU.