Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tattoo Parlor fails, lawsuit likely

In a 6 to 1 vote, the Mesa City Council voted against allowing a tattoo parlor to come to the Dobson Ranch area. Mayor Scott Smith is the only one who voted for approval, citing the fact that rather than legislating one business at a time, the council should focus on improving community standards. Looks like the opportunity for disagreement, was short-lived.

Don't be surprised if Goldwater Institute files a lawsuit on behalf of the shop owner. They weren't at the council meeting just for the fun of it. As they have proven, they are willing to litigate, so let's hope the council has some good reasons for their vote that will stand up. Otherwise, this could be Bailey's Brake Shop part 2.

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Heath Reed said...

Yeah, I don’t see a baileys brake shop 2 going on here because it is a entirely different case. As a jurisdiction, they have the right to vote things down.

To me, the Goldwater Institute is becoming a joke. They are creeping into that ACLU type of crowd by trying to get into everything and sue anyone.

I have heard this guy is a sketchy owner, not like we need more of them in Mesa and second of all, the council has listened to the people they represent. So, if this does get overturned, the people can return the favor and sue this owner and the Goldwater Institute. Time is money and might not be worth it in the long run for this tattoo guy.

Besides that, why not tell the reasoning why the council voted this down? Lets tell both sides of stories here. I just think it would make a better educated read then just assuming that a lawsuit is coming forth.