Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can Mesa compete for the D-backs?

Mesa looks to be in a tough position in attracting the D-Backs and Rockies to town. First, we must give them props for not seeking a publicly financed stadium. In these tough times, it would have been hard to rationalize cutting critical services, while pouring money into an amenity.

The challenge now, however, is that Mesa must seek a private partner to help pull this off. They are competing against several Tribes, who could probably cut a check tomorrow. They are also competing against Casa Grande which is voting in May for a dedicated revenue source. The other candidates have brough money to the table. To this point, Mesa has not.

From a desirability standpoint, one would assume that Mesa would be near the top of the list. Moving to Casa Grande would be like staying in Tucson, and who knows how keen MLB would be with a baseball themed casino.

It will be interesting to see what Mesa is able to come up with.

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Heath Reed said...

I think there are some interesting things at stake here. I think the best location, or the hot location is the gateway area. Case Grande is not going to get it I think because the Dbacks want to be in the east valley. the other thing is MLB and casinos would be interesting. I think there are so many negatives to each location and they are all different. If Mesa can land a private partner, they can win the Dbacks. And to put the pieces together, why would they be in this if they did not have someone who has been wanting or is thinking about doing this?