Friday, March 27, 2009

Newsflash: Cubs Fans Don't Want Cubs to Leave

In the shocking of all late breaking news, Cubs fans don't want the team to leave Mesa for Florida. I am sure that humidity and distance between stadiums would help people come to that decision. Not only that, but everyone out here knows that the Cubs are the big thing. Good luck with that back east. Plus, I would bet there are a lot more Illinois transplants in Mesa than Sarasota.

(Editorial note: Isn't every pizzeria and sports bar in Mesa Chicago themed?)

My guess is that the spring training thing is a hot story and this is one more chance to squeeze a little juice out of it before Spring Training leaves for the season. There was one interesting note, however in the article:

A deal to build a new facility for the Boston Red Sox failed when the Sarasota County commissioners failed to approve it.

If the Red Sox are looking to move, we do whatever we can to attract them out here as well. Imagine both the Cubs and the Sox calling Mesa their spring home. Talk about a reputation booster. Thats a fast pass off the most "boring" list.


Heath Reed said...

I have heard that the red sox are looking for a new place and someone wanted to attract them to the valley. Problem is, with what you said about cubs fans not wanting to go to Florida, same goes with sox fans in Florida. There are more New Yorkers and Bostonians down in Florida then there are here. So I think it would be a big stretch and be a very hard to bring the Red Sox to AZ. Unless the price is right, and if it is, I still say it is a low percentage of getting them here.

But if someone can attract them and bring them here, that would be a huge for mesa. There are a lot of big IF’s here, but just think if Waveyard ever gets built, when Gaylord is built, the Cubs stay and get an upgraded facility etc, and maybe, just maybe you attract the Dbacks, Rockies and the Red sox to Mesa. Also, if light rail does what we hope in bringing density and mix use, bring life and employment to west Mesa, downtown and the Fiesta District? If Gateway builds the way that is envisioned, mesa won’t be a boring pace.

However, that is a lot to see happen and it will take a long time for some of these things to happen. I also hope the cubs stay and this new owner can realize what a great place they have here in Mesa.

Mesa needs need to capitalize on this Chicago relationship and encourage more investment into Mesa from Chicago big firms etc.

Heath Reed said...

Ahhhhh shoot, Dbacks are not coming to Mesa since they have pulled their name from the running of the Dbacks/rockies. Sucks, but I understand why they could not get it done in the time frame and money issues.

Heath Reed said...

Mesa will focus on the cubs, which is good.