Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new park in West Mesa?

A non-profit affiliated with Home Depot and others is looking into turning Beverly Park into a real park. They will provide the money and labor, if the West Mesa CDC is able to raise $10,000 in matching funds to qualify for the grant. Its more than just a "really really good idea" as the CDC director says, its a way to improve our community by using a smaller local investment to leverage a larger community donation.

The West Mesa CDC is the group that helped with the big West Mesa clean up not too long ago. I know that $10,000 is a hefty sum, but they'll likely to be able to track down a few big donors. Now, Mesa residents should pick up the slack.

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Heath Reed said...

Its great they are looking for help, but the Beverly park location is absolutely one of the worst locations for a park. If you want a place to be usable, safe, a community asset, you just don’t build it anywhere, you have to be strategic, and this has always been a horrible location.

With that said, you have to have some vision of the future how this place can become a great community asset. That is……….tear down all those walls! Look at the property as an attractive piece of land that will attract reinvestment and a mix use project along the light rail. It is possible.

But just building a park does not mean it is going to be good. If it is not planned out well, this park will be a waste of money.