Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prediction: Turn-out low today

We predict that Election Day turn out is going to be low for Mesa's Election today. Usually, when the election draws near, we see a spike in traffic that peaks the day before the election. Sometimes, as we saw in the November election, traffic can be as high as 3 times as normal.

Out of curiousity, we looked and Monday's stats were fairly humdrum. Not a lot of people on google, not a lot of people checking out any of the posts regarding Gaylord or Prop 300. We aren't trying to brag or claim that Mesa Issues is the only source for Mesa politics, but traditionally we have seen a spike in the past. And yesterday? No spike.

With a large number of early ballots already turned in, it doesn't look like a whole lot of people are going to turn out on Election Day.


Austin said...

I didn't even realize there was an election. I hadn't heard anything about it outside of the few 300 signs. My voter registration is current and there were no problems with november elections. Not really getting the word out it appears.

Heath Reed said...

I hope people are not turning out because they think this is going to be a wash. There are plenty of morons in Mesa that says NO to everything. I blame them for the situation Mesa is in. Their ignorance drives me crazy.

Heath Reed said...

WoooHOOOOOO it passed like I said ti would. It was a landslide and it is good to see the number of naysayers continue to slip.