Friday, March 13, 2009

Beware of Dog Poisonings

Attention Mesa pet owners: Don't take your dog to Carriage Lane park. There has been a rash of animal poisonings in the area, with the culprit hiding rat poison inside hamburger. Its terrible when you hear about something like this, especially since it means that there is some sicko out there who takes the time to buy hamburger and rat poison and mix them together into balls and spread them around.

It would probably be wise to be mindful around any park lately and pay close attention to what your dog is doing and what they are eating. Who knows if this guy has gone anywhere else. Also, let your friends and neighbors in Chandler and Tempe know as well. Carriage Lane is near the Mesa/Chandler/Tempe border, so there are a lot of parks that he could have gone to.

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