Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good and bad news for Gateway

Its seems like two steps forward and one step back when it comes to Gateway. First, the bad news. The Gateway freeway was denied stimulus money. This seemed to be a shock and surprise to many, including Mayor Smith, who had some choice words for the state transportation board.

It sounds like the deal was done and Gateway was going to be funded, only to have the money pulled away without warning. This is a big blow, especially since Mesa has put up funds and have been committed to the acceleration. Not to mention the funds set aside during the good years which were supposed to be used to accelerate the projects, but instead sat there until the Government was able to sweep them back.

On the other hand, there is some good news for Gateway as well. The 13th Annual Greater Southwest Aviation Maintenance Technician Symposium is coming to Williams Campus of Chandler-Gilbert Community College. This collection of aviation experts include aviation professionals from all over. Methinks that this would be a good time to show these people Mesa's commitment to aerospace and tout the recent formation of the Arizona Aerospace Institute. Plus, they picked a great time to be out here, the weather has been perfect lately.

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Heath Reed said...

I think ADOT is run by a bunch of morons. They take too long and overspend on our freeways. I am surprised they pulled the funding too.