Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cubs bill may be voted today!

From CubsWininAZ:

It's time for you to step up to the plate! House Bill 2736 is headed for discussion and a possible vote TODAY! You can read more on the HB 2736 on the Cubs Win In AZ Web site and about the potential amendment to the bill on our Facebook page.

We need to show the Arizona legislature that there is support for the bill. Here's what you can do to help:

• Contact the Arizona House of Representatives TODAY to encourage them to support HB 2736. You don't need to be an Arizona resident to do this, just a Cubs fan and a Spring Training supporter. For a list of state representatives visit: You can email them or call them and let them know you support the bill.

• Alert friends, family and your social media networks to do the same!

Key Talking Points:

• It's important to note the proposed legislation will not impact the state's general fund. It's similar to previous bills that helped build current Cactus League facilities.

• This legislation will help Mesa achieve its goal of keeping the Cubs in Arizona while at the same time helping the entire Cactus League retain its top attendance draw.

• This legislation sends a message that Arizona is prepared to protect an economic engine like Spring Training baseball. HB 2736 will not only help the Cubs, but it will help the entire Cactus League.

• The Cubs are the top draw in spring training in both Arizona's Cactus League and Florida's Grapefruit League.

• If the Cubs were to leave, all teams would lose revenue. In a recent economic study, the Cubs accounted for 22% of Cactus League attendance and they bring in $138 million annually to the Arizona economy.

• We've done a good job attracting new teams to strengthen the Cactus League. It's important we help teams like the Cubs who made this league what it is today.

• This is about guaranteed jobs and revenue. This isn't about something that's projected in the future. We already know the benefit of having the Cactus League in Arizona and what teams like the attendance-leading Cubs bring to our economy. This isn't speculation, this is economic preservation.

Thank you again for your support. And remember, keep up with the latest news and information at, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Cubs Win In AZ Team

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

McCain and Palin to visit West Mesa

Is it just convenience that Dobson High School continues to land high profile events or is there something about West Mesa? This time Senator John McCain and his former running mate Sarah Palin will be hosting a campaign appearance at Dobson High School a little over a year after President Obama used the school as a backdrop.

We do doubt that there will be any of the sprucing up like there was for the President's visit, but it is interesting that the school continues to land newsmaking political events. Could it be as simple as a high capacity auditorium with convenient access? Perhaps.

Could it be because the school happens to be in the Congressional District where Hayworth lost to Mitchell?

Could it be because West Mesa has traditionally been a little more moderate (as seen by Democrats are trying to make inroads)?

Could it be because they wanted to go to Mesa, but not TOO FAR into Mesa?

Mesa resident dies in Afghanistan

We used to hear a lot about the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. While there are still thousands of soldiers abroad protecting our freedoms, we now hear more about the President's healthcare plan or his NCAA bracket than we do about our soldiers.

Now, it only appears like we hear anything when its bad news. Sadly, an Army Ranger from Mesa was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. Sgt. Glen "Jake" Whetten was among the first wave to invade Iraq five years ago and was in Afghanistan training and evaluating their troops.

This is an important reminder that even though we may not hear about these wars every day, the dangers out there are real, and we should always remember to thank our soldiers, no matter how much our president tries to distance himself from them.

New Gilbert Blog

Awhile back, we offered to help start up a blog about local issues in Gilbert. It was probably for the best that no one took us up on it, considering how little we have been able to post about Mesa lately.

Check out Gilbert Watch to get a conservative view on what's going on in Gilbert. They have been keeping tabs on the latest on the Gilbert tax issues and the bible study ban which has turned into a bit of a debacle.

Friday, March 5, 2010

East Valley Mayors Support Rich Crandall

East Valley Mayors Support Rich Crandall
Mayor Smith, Mayor Lewis, Mayor Sanders endorse Crandall for Legislative District 19 Senate

MESA – Representative Rich Crandall, current Chair of the House Education Committee, local businessman and former Mesa School Board President, proudly announced the support of three East Valley Mayors today in his race for the District 19 State Senate seat. Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, and Queen Creek Mayor Art Sanders announced their support for Crandall and his efforts to continue to provide much needed experience at the State Capitol.

"I am honored to have the support of these three leaders who proudly represent our East Valley municipalities," said Rich Crandall, "I hope to continue working with each of them on the many issues facing our cities and towns."

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said, "I know Rich will work to ensure that the state budget isn’t balanced on the backs of cities and local taxpayers. There is a reason he was named a Legislative Champion by the Arizona League of Cities and Towns."

"He knows this community well and is committed to making a difference," said Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, "I think Rich is the right man for the job and has shown that with his service in the House of Representatives and through his commitment to our children."

Mayor Art Sanders adds, "Rich understands the needs of the East Valley and the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway area. He will continue to serve the region well in his bid for the Senate."