Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last week, a new blog and twitter called "Fix Arizona Now" burst on the scene taking shots at the budget problem, and you guessed it, telling our elected officials to "FIX IT!" It has been fun to read, and it appears that their basic premise is "if not Brewer's plan, then what?"

As we have noted, Brewer's plan for economic recovery is a lot like Mesa's plan. Last November, Mesa's plan passed overwhelmingly, approving the first property tax in over 50 years. This is Mesa we are talking about, one of the most conservative communities in the state.

Now, Senate President Bob Burns does not want to allow voters to decide on Brewer's budget plan.

The reason? He thinks that they might vote to pass it.

And he may be right. If Mesa saw the need and said yes, perhaps there are others.

So, basically, Burns' current solution is to stand in the way of the only solution that has been offered so far. Mesa Voters are acutely aware of having to go to the polls to make decisions for the government. From referendums to charter requirements, it seems like we have been voting more than any other city in the Valley. Quite frankly, Mesa could probably use a break.

However, in this case, I think Burns is wrong. If the legislature is going to refuse to act, they should put this to a vote of people. Let the people decide.

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Heath Reed said...

I think the legislature continues to fail this state with their tactics. And this is going to hurt him politically when he is up for re-election. I to agree in Mesa we vote WAY to much, but don't come out and say you don't want the people to decide on it. Like the Feds, we need some new leadership in the state. I think we need new reps here in Mesa and hope Pearce and Gray will be out soon too. Im not saying we need a liberal, we need someone who can work for the people