Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mayor bringing more national attention to Mesa

Mayor Scott Smith has been asked to join a national group in favor of addressing key infrastructure needs. As the story indicates, this is just another example of Mayor Smith getting national attention and the spotlight for a city which has been neglected in the past.

Mayor Smith's focus on transportation issues is the right move, especially since the long term needs include the critical Gateway freeway and improvements to the Gateway airport. While he warns of additional financial hardships that may be ahead, this is another case, where Mesa is positioning itself for the future.

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Heath Reed said...

Good for him. It is good to see what a true and good leader does to run a city like Mesa. He has been upfront with Mesa and is working harder then any past mayor I have seen. He does not sit there like our last mayor did. He is a guy that is bring real change and working hard to make Mesa better and on the map besides being the most boring city in the country.

Kudos Mayor and good job.