Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mesa Schools may have to cut over 300 jobs

MPS is preparing a worst case scenario where they have to lay off 310 teachers. That would be like if each of my twitter followers lost their job (sorry, had to mention that we got to 300 on twitter - yay).

Its smart for Mesa Public Schools to plan for the worst and start telling people about it now. An open and transparent process will allow everyone to be better prepared for the cuts, or start looking for solutions now. You can tell that the story's comment section is filled with people who no longer have kids in school.

I agree that the schools need to learn how to do more with less just like everyone else. However, we are talking about education here, which is one of the most important functions of our government. We can't assume that they can continue to take the brunt of these cuts and continue to educate our students as effectively as possible.

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