Thursday, March 26, 2009

Light Rail Expanding in Mesa

It has been decided that the additional 2.7 miles of "transit cooridor" into Mesa will now officially be light rail. Not really surprising based on the push for expanding light rail, but it seems difficult to do an accurate 2 year study when the actual rail line has only been up for 3 months.

No matter, because this extension wouldn't open until 2015. By then we'll be able to see exactly how it works and if it is indeed doing what its supposed to in spuring investment and attracting development. The only interesting thing to note is the notion that the vision Mesa has for the light rail is extending it to Gilbert road which could cost "$150 million but are not part of any approved plan and lack funding."

All things being equal, if there is $150 million to be found, it should be going to either keeping the Cubs, and attracting the D-Backs.

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Heath Reed said...

Well I was always nervous about someone putting up a fit and it just staying express bus. I am happy it has passed and is moving forward. I did not see, but most likely it is going to go down main street right? Once it gets past downtown, there should not be a stop within one mile of each stop. It is primarily single family homes and the opportunity to go up is not as realistic. It should go faster and have a route where it can hit higher speeds and connect with Gateway. However, the higher speed trail/commuter rail I think should connect downtown and the gateway area.

About the study, it really has nothing to do with light rail here being open for 3 months. IF that was the case, nothing would ever get done. Also, there is plenty of research, other examples that relate to mesa that can be had and used in making sure this is the best alternative.

Good for mesa leadership to stick to their guns and keep light rail rolling on into downtown.