Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conservative Gilbert leaders endorse Kirk Adams for Congress

Local leaders praise Adams’ ability to make the tough decisions to shake-up Washington and get America back on track.

GILBERT, AZ – Kirk Adams is proud to announce the latest additions to his growing conservative coalition: Gilbert Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels and Council Members Eddie Cook, Ben Cooper and Jordan Ray.

“Kirk Adams is a rising leader for conservatives,” said Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels. “He has proven that he is willing to make the difficult choices to solve our generational challenges. Kirk represents the values that families of Gilbert hold dear. He will be a strong, conservative leader for our community.”

Councilman Jordan Ray said: “Kirk Adams is just what our country needs in Congress. Kirk has a record of standing up for families and conservative values. As an East Valley small businessman, Kirk has a vested interest in making sure our community is successful. More than anything, Kirk has proven he has the guts to make the tough decisions to reform Washington.”

Adams welcomed these East Valley leaders to his growing coalition.

“I’m honored to have the support of Vice-Mayor Jenn Daniels and Council Members Eddie Cook, Jordan Ray and Ben Cooper. Our campaign continues to gain strength everyday. With the support of these respected community leaders, we are one step closer to shaking-up Washington.”

Kirk Adams is a rising star in the Republican Party, and a conservative reformer who shook-up Arizona’s state Capitol and will do the same thing in Congress.

A husband, father and small businessman, after joining the state House in 2006, Adams found himself so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principals that he launched a long-shot campaign to oust the veteran Speaker of the House.

Adams shocked the Republican establishment and political class, winning the Speakership at only 35 years of age and one full term in office – making him the youngest Speaker in Arizona history.

Adams led the House back in a conservative direction with an aggressive reform agenda, taking on some of the most challenging issues in Arizona history – issues others were afraid to address because of the potential political fallout.

A native Arizonan, Adams and his wife JaNae live in Mesa and have five children.


Kirk Adams Fundraiser

Thoughts on Mesa has an interesting post on the Adams/Salmon race that is worth a read. Part of their update included a YouTube from a recent Adams fundraiser - the video has now been subsequently removed and then replaced. Here it is below:

Don't know all of the faces in this slide show, but we would guess this is more meant for insiders. At least we hope so, taking pictures at a fundraiser doesn't do much to give feeling of being "among the people." In the end, it looks like the "credits" at the end are the most important part of the video. They look conspiciously like endorsements wrapped up in a thank you.

This is more about the fact that it appears that the who's who of the East Valley are starting to divide on this one. It is starting to feel like an American Idol finale.

Things Bad at the Tribune?

We got an email from the East Valley Tribune begging us to register for Daily Deals. If we do, we might win a TV! It wasn't that long ago that you could get real news from the Trib and it acted as a nice counter measure to the Republic. Now, its just a tabloid hawking deals and giving day late news.

Mesa City Council Members Support Matt Salmon

Half of City Council Members endorse Salmon’s Bid to Return to Congress

EAST VALLEY – Matt Salmon, former Congressman and candidate for Arizona’s sixth Congressional district announced today that three members of the Mesa City Council have endorsed his campaign for Congress. Salmon’s campaign announced the following endorsements:
Vice Mayor Scott Somers – District 6
Councilman Dave Richins – District 1
Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh – District 3

Vice Mayor Scott Somers said, “Matt Salmon knows the importance of Gateway Airport, not only to the City of Mesa but to the East Valley region. He will do what’s right to ensure its success and long-term growth. He is committed to getting results – not sitting on the sidelines.”

"Mesa and the East Valley have a 21st century economy and need a representative in Congress who understands the diverse businesses that make us successful" said Dave Richins, who represents Northwest Mesa in Council District One. "Matt Salmon has that experience and will fight to support the needs of the City of Mesa and all of Arizona."

Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh of District 3 added, “I first met Matt Salmon at Mesa Speaks back in the 1980’s in Prescott and I supported him in his very first run for the Legislature. He did a great job in Congress for us and was very responsive to the needs of the city. He is honest, ethical and a true man of his word. He has never been a divisive ‘name-caller’ which is refreshing these days.”

Former Congressman Salmon stated, “I am proud to call Mesa my home. I am honored that these members of the Mesa City Council believe in me and know that I will protect and promote the hard work they are doing to maintain Mesa’s reputation as a great place to work and to do business.”

Friday, June 17, 2011

Update on the Pearce Recall

Once again, Thoughts on Mesa is keeping us up to date on the latest in the Pearce recall. Yesterday, they revealed that the Law Firm attacking Pearce has ties to Obama and the DNC.

Is anyone really surprised by this? We have been saying for awhile now that the Dems think that they can make inroads into West Mesa. However, with Mitchell being roundly beaten last year these hopes have taken a hit. Now, they finally realize that as long as Pearce is in the equation, they will never have a real chance. However, it is likely a fool's errand. They have to look no further than Kevin Gibbons to see how it turned out the last time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arizona Republic continues to spin against Pearce

Another great post from Thoughts on Mesa revealing the Arizona Republic spin trying to make it look like regular old folks are trying to recall Senate President Russell Pearce.

According to the Republic, the people involved are:

They included Todd Selleck, a golf course equipment manager; Amanda Zill, a registered nurse; Mary Lou Bettcher, a retired teacher who walks with a cane; and Julie Jorgensen, an adult education teacher.

Doesn't that sound sweet - well the truth is that these folks are active in the Democratic Party and Democrat causes. Read for yourself!

Local Police Union Official in Trouble Again

Once again, a local police union official is in trouble. This time, being detained in San Diego for disorderly conduct. Not long ago, he was suspended for lying about emailing a union flyer. Before that, he was in trouble for leaving his gun out in public at a city council meeting.

Will this be a third strike?