Monday, March 30, 2009

More defibrillators in public places?

The Council's public safety committee is considering asking the council to pass an ordinance to require more defibrillators in public places. The real question would be: Who would pay for these?

At $2,000 a pop, the expenses of requiring these items could add up rather quickly. The other question is there any maintenance involved? What about a power source? I am assuming that there are a few things that need to be done to bring one of these items in to make sure that they work.

I agree that AEDs are important and I am sure the two people who have been saved in Mesa will agree. My only concern is making a rule that creates financial hardships on businesses that are already having trouble, or adding extra burden to the city in a time that has already been marred by dramatic cuts.

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Heath Reed said...

Its good to see someone post a add instead of comment about it. That is lame.

This might be a good idea, but at what cost? Who is responsible for this, the city (ie taxpayers) or businesses?