Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mayor speaks out against stimulus money

Mayor Smith is speaking out the decision to put the freeway stimulus money in the West and North Valley without any regards to the East Valley. Smith points to the projects in the Gateway area and opportunities to create new jobs and encourage economic development.

Mayor Smith is correct in his indignation, but he should have gotten a few more people on his side speaking out against the inequity. As it currently stands, it sounds like Mesa is bitter because the money should have gone to them instead of someone else. I think Smith would have probably been able to get more sympathy if he had gotten some of the other East Valley Mayors to join him in speaking out. Gilbert and Chandler could have spoken up about the value of Gateway to all three communities, not just Mesa.

In all, it just goes to show that no matter how this stimulus plan goes, its going to continue to create winners and losers. While Mesa should continue to get our fair share, since it is ultimately money that is going to come out of our pocket, we should be resolved to the fact that Mesa is going to have to find its own way into economic recovery.

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