Monday, March 2, 2009

D-Backs to Mesa?

The D-Backs are looking for a new spring training home in the Valley and the City of Mesa is on their list! Its already changing - people actually want to be in Mesa. Take that Google!

The City now has 30 days to come up with a proposal for landing and building a facility. The D-Backs have made it clear that they are not paying for the facility, and we know from the budget negotiations that Mesa doesn't have the cash either. The tourism and sports authority is also fresh out of cash after bankrolling several of the West Valley projects. So where does the money come from?

I don't really know who has money right now, but I have to assume that there are people who have money and are looking to sink it somewhere besides the negative returns of the stock market. Perhaps the stadium could be a profitable private investment during these uncertain times. Let's hope Mesa can swoop in and make a deal.

I agree that keeping the Cubs should be Mesa's number 1 priority. However, I also think that Mesa tripling the number of spring training games played in town should also be a priority. The D-Backs do consistently well in attendance and the notion of bringing them out to the Gateway area is an attractive one.

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Heath Reed said...

This would be awesome for Mesa after making such a huge mistake in turning down the cards stadium year ago. They should focus on the cubs because of history and the draw they bring. However, I think it might be time to think about moving them closer to downtown to help the area out and bring more tax dollars to the area. Just an idea. In the long run, I think Gateway will make the westgate or whatever it is called in Glendale look like a check cashing store. When this area is realized and built, the gateway area will be an amazing place that has so much to offer and be such a huge assets to Mesa. Hopefully they can bring in a 3rd team to the area too.