Monday, March 16, 2009

Hold on there, partner

I think everyone in Mesa might need a time out for a minute. In discussing the stimulus funds and all of the various hands out asking for a piece, the discussion has now devolved into a discussion about property taxes. To that, I think the people of Mesa would say:

Hold on there, partner.

Now, don't get us wrong. You are on a roll. The first property tax in 50 years, an election victory with a whopping 84% of the vote. Clearly, the momentum is on your side, and the Mesa voters approve of what you are up to. However, it wouldn't take long for the bloom to fall off the rose following a sudden primary property tax election.

In these tough economic times, Mesa has been a leader in making smart budget decisions and keeping their sights set on long-term economic growth. These kudos are something we have been saying for awhile, and now the Trib and Republic have caught on. Now, is not the time to use the stimulus for short term benefit that would create long term operations costs. We love the fact that Mesa is trying to do more with less, and looking for ways to be more efficient.

Stay the course, and instead use the stimulus money to position Mesa better for the future. Don't use the stimulus money (which will eventually be more taxes) to beget even more taxes for Mesa residents.

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