Monday, March 9, 2009

Gaylord Election is Tomorrow!

Don't forget that Election Day is tomorrow. If you need to find your polling place, you can find it through the Recorder's office.

The Arizona Republic has a front page wrap-up of the Gaylord/Prop 300 election and what it means for Mesa and its voters. If you haven't been up to speed with what is going on with this project, either you have been living in a hole, or you don't have internet or television in your house. Information has literally been everywhere.

What this election comes down to is: Do you support the City of Mesa and its Elected officials in their efforts to promote economic development for the city? If Yes, then you should be voting Yes on 300.
Gaylord is a $1 billion private investment bringing a world-renowned project to southeast Mesa. It could have gone anywhere in the valley or the southwest, and they chose here. This isn't just one or two hotels either. This is an inroad to a whole line of convention business that wouldn't be coming to Mesa otherwise. These people shop, eat, and spend money in the community, not to mention stay in other hotels, which will spring up around the project to handle overflow.

The talk continues to swirl around economic incentives, but the argument really is misleading. The people who argue against incentives base all of their information on the notion that the project would come to town no matter what. That is simply not the case. Incentives are just that, a tool to attract and be competitive for economic development.
This is truly an amazing opportunity in a current world where there aren't a whole heck of a lot of opportunities. Voting Yes on 300 will help Mesa lead the way in our state's economic recovery.

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