Monday, March 30, 2009

Mesa is out of the D-Backs sweepstakes

Mesa is bowing out of the D-Backs challenge in order to focus on keeping the Cubs. This is not that surprising, especially in this economy that Mesa has to really focus on the priorities.

In this case, I think they are right in trying to retain what they got, instead of chasing down new teams, at the risk of alienating the Cubs, and ultimately ending up with no teams. Mesa has avoided the textbook case of the jock dumping his girlfriend to vie for the new "it" girl only to be spurned by her and left without the new girl or the old girlfriend.

Way to stick with what you have, Mesa. However, its not that easy. Now, Mesa has to figure out how to keep the Cubs in town with their demands for more seating and a modernized facility. After seeing some of the other facilities featured around town, it seems like a fairly reasonable request, and far more doable than a complete stadium complex. The question still comes down to money.

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