Monday, March 2, 2009

Tribune Recaps Gaylord Project

Well, the election is a little over a week away and the East Valley Tribune did a long recap on the Gaylord Project over the weekend. Its a nice read for anyone who hasn't been paying attention before now. Based on the number of people who have requested an early ballot and the money spent mounting a campaign (not to mention the signs that are everywhere), its hard to think that there are many people who haven't heard about the plan.

Despite the claims of some conspiracy theorists, I don't think that this hotel is just an effort to land even more incentive money for a baseball field or some other ridiculous notion. From the things I have heard about this type of facility from other places, its going to be its own kind of attraction that brings people in from all over. Not too long ago, someone was explaining their trip to a Gaylord hotel to me.

Their biggest comment was the fact that they couldn't believe the size and scale of it all. Clearly, this is something different from anything else we have in the Valley or in the state. From their best description, they called it a "Disneyland for convention-goers."

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