Monday, April 6, 2009

Train preservation limping along

The group dedicated to preserving the train at Pioneer Park, claim to be up to about $26,000, if you include what they have in hand combined with a grant they expect to receive. This isn't much of a change from the last profile on the group, so its not clear why this is all that newsworthy.

The only real difference is now the pro-train group is claiming that its going to be EVEN LESS to preserve the train. They are now claiming that it will only cost "$75,000 to move the train and another $50,000 to restore it," which may be good news for them, but it doesn't change the fact that they are only a little more than halfway there.

My question to the City of Mesa is how much time are you going to give these folks? I am not against them giving it the old college try, but is someone confirming that the train could be moved for $75,000? If it costs more, who would be holding the bag?

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Heath Reed said...

I really can make the goal to restore the train. It needs to be done and I am happy someone has stepped up to the plate to provide this. the cities parks department should have been doing this all along but you know, us Mesans don't like to fund anything and love to watch our city decay.

I have many memories of that train and playing on it as a kid. My son loves it, but he can’t enjoy it like I used too. I understand why they want to move it but I think it will only become a peace of art and not a interactive piece of art with children.

I hope the city can extend the deadline since we are in such poor economic conditions and I think this is hindering their efforts because people do not have money or are not willing at this time to donate.

Good luck save our train group. I Hope you can pull it off.