Thursday, April 16, 2009

All Aboard Mesa Metro Station

Mesa's metro station is the busiest on the Light Rail line the other top of the list was the other terminus at 19th Ave and Montebello. Its not that surprising that the end of the line would be among the most popular stops, especially since anyone from outside the area would go to the end of the line as the closest access to the rail.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the train expands further into Mesa. Does the old Tri-city stop stay popular because of the park and ride, or does the bulk of people move to the new end stop? Meanwhile, it looks like they are getting their kinks out of system and with baseball season starting, we will probably continue to see ridership increase.

The real test is going to come this summer when the weather is 115 degrees and people are having to wait in the heat for a train.

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Heath Reed said...

The old tri city mall area has been talked about as a big mix use development with condos and apartments with retail and offices. So, if the density is at the station, ridership at this point will still be relatively high, but not as high when it was end of the line, but many areas along this stop will look to redevelop and intensify around the station.

About this summer it will be a test. However, waiting for 10 mins will not be that bad. I had to wait at times up to 30 mins for a bus to go to ASU. People will not go as much, but I think they will still ride it no matter what. There needs to be shade and water handy. Problem is that since these stations are in the middle of the streets and all the asphalt and concrete makes it even hotter then it should. We need more vegetation at the stations, but our roads are still more important.

Look at this picture of the light rail system in downtown San Jose CA. It has trees and is shaded. This needs to be in the minds of the designers.