Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Defending Mesa against legislative budget gimmicks

Thank you to Mayor Scott Smith and everyone else who is standing up to speak out against the latest legislative budget proposal. The outpouring of opposition has sent legislators back into hiding scrambling to throw out explanations as to why their latest misstep makes sense.

Meanwhile, the latest bit of intrigue is the fact that this scheme was actually hatched by the homebuilders, as another blow in their battle to eliminate impact fees. Of course, homebuilders should be held harmless, they didn't create the housing bubble one bit!

So, this comes down to a battle between the homebuilders and the cities, and the legislature was foolish enough to get themselves trapped in the middle. Meanwhile, they have no explanations for their actions and have cancelled two hearings regarding the budget.

As the voters of Mesa, we already approved the first property tax in 50 years to pay for critical public safety and street needs. It is not the time to be forced to turn around and ask the voters for more money because the legislature has taken it all.

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Heath Reed said...

These people are morons! There is a reason why our state is the way it is, and that is because the home builders have a such a stronghold upon our legislators and are in their pockets. The home builders are the ones who really run this state, not the people or elected officials. As you see, anytime a proposition comes out about protecting our natural land, or restrict growth boundaries or prop 207 etc, who is funding the anti preservation of our quality of life??? The home builders. Its time we take back our state and make decisions for us and our future, not to line this industry that has huge ups and downs.