Monday, April 27, 2009

Ah, Mesa...

You have to hand it to Mesa. It truly is a diverse place. For every feel good story about a kid who, at age 19, has started a limo company that is doing okay despite the terrible economy, we have a story about the police chasing and tasering a man on a motorcycle with a case of beer between his legs.

This topic has been mentioned before, and I am sure as its been pointed out, every city has these sorts of problems. It just feels like Mesa continues to wear them on their sleeve. Is that because local news is so scarcely covered that only interesting crimes make the cut?

First, congratulations to the 19 year old gentleman who has been able to take his life-long interest in limos and stretched cars and turn it into a business. Its also promising to see a mother so encouraging in a son's dream - a great story of a supportive parent.

As for the motorcycle beer hauler - we should also follow this because this guy has a fairly long rap sheet going into this arrest. Since it happened in Mesa, its only a matter of time before the questions of his legal status start to flow in. If he is found to have entered the United States illegally, people are going to somehow blame Mesa for this, when in fact, he has been picked up many other places before his run in with Mesa PD.

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