Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two new fire stations are moving forward

The City Council has voted to move forward with the construction of two new fire stations. These new stations are directly from the overwhelming passage of the fire bond program in November. This is the first step in the council delivering what they promised in the bond program, and being able to get these projects going within 6 months of passage is a great move.

Of course, there are a few people who are mad that the stations being built are not the ones in their backyard. Obviously, it would be great if Mesa could be building all of these new stations at once, but the key is, its great that they are even able to build any. Look around the valley, very few cities are taking advantage of the lowered land and construction prices. The fact is, Mesa is getting the most bang for their buck, and probably even creating a few construction jobs in the process.

Also, its important to note that putting a new fire station in town, helps response times for everyone. Now the stations that used to serve the area can focus on the needs of other areas and can stay closer to their base of operations. All in all, even if these stations aren't in your backyard, helping Mesa go from 17 stations to 19 is good for everyone.

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