Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pro's Ranch Market opens

Pro's Ranch Market, a hispanic targetted grocery store, opened to long lines and great fanfare in Mesa. With so many stores going out of business, it is cause to celebrate when people are willing to take a chance to open something new in this current climate. No word on how many of the employees are Mesa residents, but as we have said before, the location should help.

I do have to take writer Ed Taylor to task, however, for including the somewhat skeptical quote:

"It's a nice, big store, and clean, with lots of employees," said Maria Mirramontes, one of the early customers. "I hope it stays this way."

Come on Ed, there is a line of people around the block, mariachis are playing, and over 400 new jobs are coming to Mesa and that is the most supportive quote you can find? Its assumed that everyone hope that their new store will stay nice. Its probably said every time a Wal-Mart opens or every time someone finds a Goodwill remarkably clean, but by including the quote, its almost an implication that this store may become a blight over time.

Let's focus on the positives here. For more about Pro's Ranch Market, visit their website.

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