Monday, December 8, 2008

Train preservation slightly more likely

It turns out that the estimates to refurbish the train at Pioneer Park were a little high because they were based on bringing it to "museum quality." Instead of $400,000, the committee to save the train more than likely needs only about $125,000.

However, the committee still has only raised about $21,000, which means they are only about 17% of the way there. They plan on being at the light rail opening looking to raise more money. They should hit up Grand Funk Railroad.

Also mentioned in the article is the President of the Pacific Locomotive Association who has an almost creepy level love affair with trains. They want to take the engine and return it to actual operation. It doesn't say if they are willing to pay.

As long as its not costing the City, I am okay with giving the local group a chance to raise money. However, if it does start to cost more, I say we let the other folks pony up and take it off our hands.

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