Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shop Mesa, enjoy the arts

If you shop in Mesa, you could save money towards several of Mesa's different art programs. While a little on the convoluted side, it sounds pretty neat. Basically, shop in Mesa, and you'll get coupons or "Mesa Bucks" which can be built up to get buy one get one free access to Mesa Arts and culural programs.

Saving money is all the rage right now. Coupon programs, discount passes, two for ones are more popular now than they have been in recent years. In this case, its actually a double smart move, because it gets people to invest in Mesa, and then it gets them to spend even more money on Mesa Cultural events. It could potentially be a way to maximize the things that Mesa is already doing.

The only question I have is, how does this work? Is someone going to the businesses and asking them to hand out these "Mesa bucks" or do you just have to go to some central location and show your Mesa receipts?


Terry said...

It was reported in the Trib: "For now, residents would have to get their Mesa bucks from the arts center box office. Zietsman said future plans include teaming up with malls to set up a system so that people can get the Mesa bucks issued at the premises, saving a trip downtown. Control measures for that are still being ironed out."

Sarah said...

Don't forget the other great ways to enjoy Mesa arts and culture on the cheap:

*The culture pass - rent free passes to go to museums from your library. Details: http://www.showup.com/culturepass

*Browse downtown Mesa during MACFest, almost every Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm: http://www.macfestmesa.com/

*Go to downtown Mesa on the 2nd Friday of each month for Friday Night Out: http://www.downtownmesa.com/friday_night.htm

*4th Friday art walks @ Mesa Riverview: http://www.chandlerartguild.com/4th_Friday.html

I could go on and on with great Mesa opportunities!