Friday, April 17, 2009

School start times to change

Who knew that tweaking the school start times around MPS could save nearly $1 million a year? While most of the school cuts are very unfortunate, its interesting to see what kinds of efficiencies can be found when people are forced to look for them. Could this $1 million been saved before now? Probably. But what was their motivation to save the money?

These tough times are a good opportunity to look for effiencies within the system that can and will be found. Every family has been impacted by this economy, and for the most part, they have found ways to stretch even further. Very few people have said, "this is as far as we can go."

It times of prosperity, its easy to get lax about the way things are done. In times of hardship, its an excellent opportunity to reform and make changes for the future. That is not to say that laying off 200 employees is ideal for MPS. However, finding ways to improve effiency could help them be insulated from even further cuts.

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