Friday, April 17, 2009

Karen Johnson plans to run for Governor

Former Mesa Senator Karen Johnson has announced that she plans to run against Governor Jan Brewer in 2010.

It doesn't take but a google news search to show that this is probably a bad idea, and it would be best for her to stay retired in Snowflake. Just so you can recall, this is the same Karen Johnson who was a fomer aide to Evan Mechum, asked to meet with Senator McCain to discuss 9-11 theories, and openly bashed gays on several occasions.

She also opposed Riverview, advocated for guns in schools, and even has some of her own friends calling her "crazy."

Sounds like a recipe for success. She served Mesa well in her time in the legislature, but let's hope that this isn't her Brett Favre playing on the Jets, Emmit Smith on the Cardinals, Joe Montana on the Chiefs, Michael Jordan on the Wizards era. Perhaps it would be best if she kept the uniform hanging in the closet.

For your watching enjoyment, here is a video of her quest for the "Truth" about 9-11:


Heath Reed said...

Karen, thank you for serving our community, but it is time to move on. Let it go and allow some new up and coming person to move mesa and this state forward. We don't need the same that has hurt this state, we need young, new ideas and leaders who has energy. Past governors and this state legislators has really hurt Arizona by their policies and not energizing the right change and growth. (nobama intended here)allow the people of AZ to find out about someone new, bold and fresh to come in the republican party.

Sarah said...

If Sheriff Joe can get elected here so many times I've lost count, why wouldn't we elect Karen Johnson as governor? How is she any nuttier?