Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Good News for the Gateway Area

As a follow up to yesterday's Gateway Area: Destination 2012, it looks like we have even more good news with Allegiant Air posting big numbers in the first quarter of 2009. Again, this is great news for the Gateway area, especially since Allegiant makes up such a big portion of their current success. I am still in favor of diversification, but you should take the time to celebrate when someone is doing good business - especially in the heart of a bad economy.

The key to their success has to do with the growth in travelers and the ability to make up for lower fees with increased capacity. Probably the most important factor leading to their success is the fact that fuel is significantly down from where it was a year ago. Hopefully their success will show other carriers that Gateway is a viable option for additional travel in and out of the valley.

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Heath Reed said...

Good news. This is a good sign that the area is still on the slow upswing. This area is in a great location and is slowly picking up steam. Can't wait to see how this all pans out with the plan.