Thursday, April 2, 2009

Advertising coming to light rail?

Ever since the all-star game advertised on the light rail cars, Metro has been moving closer to beginning to allow regular advertisements on their train. As I mentioned before, I think that light rail should put the protocol in place for big events, and maybe there is room in there for day to day advertising.

One of the comments I have heard from people who ride the light rail here and have done transit in other places is that it is sort of weird that the train is completely devoid of advertising. Sometimes advertising is a bit of a distraction, but not always in a bad way, sometimes it keeps you from staring at the person in front of you.

If it could generate $1.6 million a year, it might be something to look into. But where does that money go? Does that devalue packages that could be offered to things like all-star games and spring training?

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Heath Reed said...

Its an idea Metro needs to do. This will bring more money to LR and help keep fares somewhat lower. I know, 1.6 is not going to do much, but hey, it is a start.

I liked how they had some of the trains wrapped during the all star break. That was some good art work.