Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gascon's funders identified

Sonoran Alliance is reporting that the group Respect/Respeto is behind paying for Gascon's recent trip to Washington DC. They also point out that Gascon has since returned the money - which was probably a smart move.

However, the question is: Has the damage already been done?

As SA points out, once you untangle the web, you can see that Respect/Respeto is affiliated with the Golden Door Foundation. One of their projects is Secure Borders for a Secure Country, which is affiliated with the groups that fought employer sanctions laws here, including outspoken Russell Pearce opponent Jason Levecke.

Mesa cannot afford to appear soft on immigration, especially since its still such a large problem. Gascon has already received a lot of criticism from Arpaio, and one would assume that Pearce is not that far behind. Whatever Mesa is doing to address this issue, they should announce it publicly and soon.

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Heath Reed said...

He took the money, used it and now is paying it back. The act is what counts here and his true colors are showing as a cop that is chosing sides instead of upholding the law.