Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prepare for more moaning about the property tax

Well, its about that time. The city council will soon choose to implement the secondary property tax that the voters overwhelmingly approved in November. Despite the Public Safety bond winning with 66.9% and the Streets bond winning with 64.6% of the vote, there are going to be a little bit of noise when the council votes to enact the tax.

One of the commenters mentioned the "camel's nose under the tent," well, the voters let that camel in back in November. We need these critical projects and we voted to make sure that they happen. So, the council should be confident in their vote to support the will of the voters.

Now, their job will be to make sure that they can deliver everything that they promised in those bonds. The voters have faith in this mayor and council because they cut the bonds in light of the economic slowdown and they were honest about the needs. Now that we are going to be paying, they need to make sure that they are delivering.


Heath Reed said...

The council needs to continue to do what they have been doing since they took office, be upfront and honest with the public. Do not shy away and give the people the info. Many will be upset, especially the crazy loud people (ie libertarians and anti government) and make some noise. But the vote says it all, and people opted for it. Did they not think it was going to be used when the city has no choice to let people go, cut programs and funding, reduce hours and have shortfalls????

If we want Mesa to become the place we want it to be, then we need to support our community. Many do not care and if Mesa continues to fall, your home values will do the same no matter what. It’s not just the house, it’s the community, the school district, the desire to live there.

This is a hard decision for this council because of the economics of the city and the nation. I think they are making the right decision, but it wont fly by quietly of course.

Noell-Hyman said...

I agree with Heath...he said it perfectly. Nobody wants to be pay more taxes, but we desperately need it. The Mesa libertarian types have kept this city back.