Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why spring training is a big deal

Increased attendance and additional spring training games brought $359 million into the local economy. According to the story, the games attracted 1.57 million people. Now, not every single person out there is from out of town, but there is a significant portion of people who travel here and spend money during that time.

Once again, the Cubs were the top draw, bringing more than 200,000 fans to 19 games. There weren't numbers to show how well Mesa did in additional revenues, but it is surely enough that Mesa would be hurting without them.

Its incredible numbers like these that remind us what Spring Training is such a big deal to the Valley and why its imperitive for the Cubs to stay in Mesa. Just as the Cubs want to upgrade their facility to stay, Mesa must upgrade their strategy for capturing more revenue from the record number of people who come watch games in town.

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Heath Reed said...

They have to upgrade the facilities for them to stay. But like I said before in another post of yours, Mesa needs to get creative in capturing more money from this economic engine in Spring Training. Reports were coming out that the economy has affected spring training. Hohokom is in a horrible location and the area needs to be closer to downtown. That would be a win-win for the area. Problem is, that is a lot of money and the city can’t carry that burden. This has to be a partnership between the city, cubs and a private developer to create an experience year around.