Friday, November 7, 2008

Pearce Attacker Nathan Sproul making more friends

This just in from Sonoran Alliance, Russell Pearce attacker Nathan Sproul is looking to make more friends in an effort "unite the party." As some other folks pointed out, Sproul did not have a very productive election season this year, first taking on Pearce with Kevin Gibbons, and then falling flat in November. Now, the guy is looking to try to take over the Republican Party:

From: Nathan Sproul
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:07 PM
To: ‘Tim J. Casey’; ‘Hugh Hallman’; ‘Sean Noble’; ‘Mike Haller’; ‘Kirk Adams’; ‘Lisa James’; ‘Andrew C. Pacheco’; ‘Jose Esparza’; ‘Jason LeVecke‘; ‘Cathi Herrod’; ‘Steve Voeller’; ‘Kevin Demenna
Subject: Party Leadership


I have spoken to or emailed many of you privately about my concerns for the future of our Party. Specifically, how does our Party in Arizona become a party that unites fiscal and social conservatives to put forward an agenda that moves Arizona in the right direction.

One of the most important aspects of this is electing a State Party Chairman who unites all factions of the Republican Party. I know this is extremely late notice, but I would like to invite each of you to join me for lunch at Monti’s on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill to discuss the future of our Party. I am paying for lunch, but as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Please let me know if your schedule permits you to attend. Thank you.

Nathan Sproul

Lincoln Strategy Group
80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814
Tempe, Arizona 85281

I am assuming that the lunch is today and it will be interesting to see if anyone attends. Its sort of like the Washington Generals hosting a strategy meeting on how to defeat the Harlem Globetrotters or the Cubs planning a parade route for their World Series celebration.

In looking through some of the names on the list, its interesting to see who is invited to Sproul's skull session. The Mayor of Tempe and the newly minted Speaker of the House are on the list. I am curious on if they plan to attend and if they hold Sproul's counsel in high regard.

You'll also see that the folks (Levecke and Pacheco) who attacked Pearce and bankrolled two the misleading and nefariously named failed initiatives (Majority Rules and Stop Illegal Hiring) are front and center on the list. I has to look them up, but I sort of remembered their names from the Pearce/Gibbons slugfest.

The rest of the names I had to google. Sean Noble is a high paid staffer for Congressman Shadegg and Mike Haller is a staffer for Congressman Flake. Well, its becoming more clear on why the congressmen would be so interested in JT Ready. I wonder if they are the guys who read my blog. If so, howdy fellas!

The rest of the people are lawyers, lobbyists and heads of conservative groups - a group that appears to cover all of the angles except for immigration. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

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