Monday, October 13, 2008

Tolman Responds to Nativio

This in from Thoughts on Mesa. As we reported last week, Nativio responded to Tolman's statements about his fiscal responsibility. Here is what Tolman had to say back:

"Mr. Nativio is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he will say one thing to get elected and once in office he will do another.

He says that he doesn’t support new taxes but he supports the Governor’s failed TIME initiative that would have raised sales tax by 18% on those who can least afford it.

In his own words Judah wants to raise taxes on individuals making over $75,000 and reduce the tax on those making less. This sounds like socialism through the redistribution of wealth.

Somebody chooses to work hard, apply themselves and provide for their family and Judah wants to penalize them by take food from one family and giving it to another. What motivation is there in working hard if you are going to take from me to give to another? It would be better for the hard worker to quite working and go on welfare.

It is interest to note that Judah attempts to put the blame on Russell Pearce for the Governor’s failed budget policies. It is the Governor’s failed policies that have gotten this state in financial straights not Russell Pearce. If Russell Pearce had been in charge, this state wouldn’t be facing a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall.

Who do you want watching over the state in these troubled times, a wet behind the ear’s 30 year old Judah with no experience and understanding of the budget. Or would you rather have an experienced Russell Pearce who knows where the money is. This is no time for on the job training Judah.

And by the way Kevin Gibbon’s did it to himself with his associations."

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