Thursday, October 9, 2008

More on Maricopa County Special Healthcare District

Wouldn't you know it? There is a lot more interest in the Maricopa County Special Healthcare District than I originally anticipated. In fact, the article in the Tribune today was quite interesting.

It looks like there is even more to the different sides trying to battle for control of the district. From the article, you can add Rex Altree to the Harlan Stratton/Collette Rosatti crowd being endorsed by the Pachyderms and running as the conservative team.

It looks like you can count Bruno, Carey, and Gerard as more of the moderate team. It looks like Patterson is somewhere in the middle between the two. All in all, you have to be impressed with the resumes of everyone involved in the race. They truly want to make a difference if they are willing to lend their expertise

Out of the three races, it looks to me like the Stratton, Carey, and Patterson race is going to be the most interesting. The other two are one on one affairs where the divisions will be fairly clear. The District 2 race offers three alternatives and there is no telling how this broader turnout presidential cycle will impact this lower election. However, it looks like Stratton must see Carey as the biggest rival since he take a direct shot at him in the article.

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