Friday, October 31, 2008

The election nears

Here is a great recap of the District 18 senate race, which has been relatively quiet. Well, a nuclear blast would be considered relatively quiet compared to the mudfest that was the LD 18 Senate primary. You have to give Pearce and Nativio credit that they have both stuck to their issues and offered a consistent message.

If the lines for Early Voting are any indication of the turn out on Election Day, you may want to wait 2 hours for an early ballot instead of 4 hours or more to vote in person. Its great to see so many people participating and here's to hoping that they take the time to learn about the rest of the ballot and participate in local issues as well.

If you would like to vote early, the closest location in Mesa is:

Maricopa County Elections Department (Mesa) - 222 E. Javelina Dr., Mesa

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