Monday, October 13, 2008

Questions 1 and 2 and the economy

Also on November's ballot is Questions 1 and 2 about public safety and roads. This recent Tribune article talks alot about the financial ins and outs of the bonds as well as the fact that the Mayor and Council made some major cuts in response to the current economic downturn.

As I have talked to people, its been clear to me that there is less opposition to this bond campaign over the property tax from two years ago. When I ask people why they are more willing to support, they generally fall into one of a couple of categories:

1. They see the need that is there. They aren't talking about swimming pools and art centers, they are talking about police and fire stations, equipment, and streets. People want to know that the emergency respondents can get there when there is a problem and they don't want to drive on streets with potholes. For that, they are willing to pay a little.

2. They have a lot more trust in the council now. A lot of people I talked to thought of the property tax from two years ago as a blank check. They see the bonds as a small menu of items that they get to approve line by line. They know what they are getting and they trust this new mayor and council to do their job.

3. The last one is the most interesting. And I don't really know how to phrase it, but there is for lack of a better term, more "optimism." People are starting to see Mesa as a place that is turning around and people are more willing to be involved. I think that the new Mayor and Council have been able to instill this type of hope, and they more they back their reduced bond issue, I think the greater likelihood it has to pass.

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