Monday, October 27, 2008

Smith and Arpaio Met on Friday

Mayor Scott Smith and Sheriff Joe Arpaio met on friday to discuss the raid from two weeks ago and future sweeps in Mesa (Tribune Version). I am glad to see that they have come to an agreement about warning Mesa before coming back. Of course, they did not say how or when, Mesa will be alerted, but that will be the test of how willing the sheriff is to work with Mesa.

Give both gentlemen credit for meeting face to face to discuss their differences and put everything out on the table. It looks like Mayor Smith had calmed down a bit, and it looks like the Sheriff was actually willing to look at things rationally. In the end, it looks like this chapter can end with both of them coming out looking good.

I hope the result will be improved public safety and a renewed spirit of working in cooperation to reduce illegal immigration, while respecting rights and maintaining public safety.

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