Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pullen: Nativio and Pursley’s “Do Nothing” Approach to Illegal Immigration

This came across the email yesterday from Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen:

Nativio and Pursley’s “Do Nothing” Approach to Illegal Immigration
Ash, Court, and Pearce give District 18 strong advocates in halting Illegal Immigration

MESA- It is no secret that one of the biggest issues facing Arizona today is Immigration. Not only is there a financial cost that we bear, but a social one too. Increased human smuggling has resulted in deaths on our highways, and drop houses in our neighborhoods. The Arizona Legislature needs strong advocates who will continue to work on solving our immigration challenges.

Democratic Party Candidates Judah Nativio and Tammie Pursley favor legislation that relies on the Federal Government to solve the problems we face in Arizona.

Their solutions are the same sort of rhetoric that have stalled immigration reform and maintained the status quo. We simply cannot wait for Washington to figure out a way to secure our borders and fix our immigration laws.

Arizona last year passed a bi-partisan bill that was a big first step in immigration reform. Even though this passed overwhelmingly, and was signed by a Democrat Governor, Nativio and Pursley want to repeal this law and start from scratch.

Nativio and Pursely’s “do nothing” approach to illegal immigration is simply a delay tactic while people are allowed to continue with business as usual.

District 18 has three Republicans who are more qualified to deal with this problem head on. Their opponents favor a hands-off approach, which will only further this crisis we are facing.
Cecil Ash is committed to withholding free services, public benefits, employment, and other benefits that are granted to citizens and legal residents, in order to remove the motivation for illegal immigrants to come to our state.

Steve Court has pledged to work closely with law enforcement and other public safety organizations to ensure that we provide necessary services in a cost effective manner to reduce violent crime.

Russell Pearce has been a nationally recognized leader on immigration issues. From Proposition 200 removing benefits for illegal immigrants to the employer sanctions laws, Pearce has been champion for securing our borders and enforcing our laws.

When it comes to illegal immigration, District 18 has a clear choice: Ash, Court, and Pearce are the only candidates who will get the job done.

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