Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nativio replies to latest from Republicans

Judah Nativio has responded to Sherry Pierce's statements from earlier this week about family issues. Here is his response:

"I usually just read and reflect. This release needs a direct response. The title alone is misleading, Nativio opposes traditional marriage, though there is no evidence to support her premise only citing civil unions which many people support (including even those registered republican). For the record, I do support traditional marrige. My wife and I have been happily married for two years. We were married in church. We are expecting our first child in December. My wife and I support families values and how dare those make the claims we do not. Especially with the accusations that my opponent was accused of in the primary.

With that, the author throws out the abortion claim. She does not state my stance ,that was on the same site, wanting a 24 hour waiting (information collection)time, or that I support the 95-10 initiative, reducing 95% of abortions over the next ten years nor a plan to help reduce the amount of incidents in our state and in our district.

Mesa, do not fall for these last ditch efforts. Please visit my website or call me. I am running as my own candidate with my own ideals. Check these claims, and all claims that poeple make. There has still been 0 ideas from my opponent on fixing the budget other then cutting. The same claim he has been making for eight years. Ladies and gentlemen, we must focus on the serious economic issues we are facing."

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