Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In their own words: Judah Nativio

We have asked each of the legislative candidates to submit their own editorial to be posted on Mesa Issues. Over the next few weeks, as people reply, we will post their responses. Here is the next in our new series "In their own words" with Legislative District 18 Senate Candidate Judah Nativio:

My name is Judah Nativio. I am running for our senate seat here in district 18. I have the experience, education and leadership to serve in this very important role in our state government. I hold a bachelor‘s in political science and a masters in the administration of justice and security. I am a past board member of Mesa’s human relations advisory board. I am a current board member for Mesa’s Symphony of the Southwest and a volunteer with Mesa United Way. I currently serve as a Financial Services Manager for Apollo Group’s University of Phoenix, one of the largest employers in our state.

This election we need real bipartisanship and leadership in our legislature, not secret meetings and hiding from not just democrats but members of your own party. My opponent has had eight years in the legislature and of late, serves as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. We stand today at the worst budget deficit in our state’s history, we see one of the state’s highest foreclosure rates, affecting many families right here in district 18. We have seen and felt the increase in costs for basic services and goods. We see our teachers, police officers, fire fighters as well as government employees with an increase in their pension contributions and health care costs. We see in increase in healthcare costs overall. We see our teachers are still paid below the national average. We see no utilization of solar to help balance and diversify our energy plan. We see a high number of high school dropouts, and a high number of teenage pregnancies.

At this critical point in our state’s economy, infrastructure and moral compass, the question must be poised, are we better off than we were eight years ago and can we do better?

Although one person cannot fix all these issues, one person can start to work with other members of the legislature, with groups, with churches, with influential members of society and organizations to start. We can inspire the masses, we can find innovative ways to fix old problems and help citizens develop their talents and build confidence so people can follow their dreams and find better opportunities. Although government is not charged to be all things to all people, government and our leaders could be there for people when they stand up to ask for help, not a hand out but hand up. Government and our leaders could reach out and be reached for to protect consumers, find regulation that works and provide for the general welfare as charged in the constitution. We can work together to make sure that people are not infringed on nor their constitutional rights so people can reach their potential and capabilities with the least government intrusion as possible. I would like to be the one to start this movement.

Lastly, I am a conservative democrat. I must set the record straight due to attacks on me and my character. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I support traditional marriages. I would work to reduce the incidents of abortion by following through with my pledge to the 95-10 initiative which calls for reducing 95% of abortions over the next 10 years. I support the states effort in securing the border and I believe that taxes should be a low as possible. Lastly, there has been an attack on my family values which I assure you as will my wife, my mother, her republican parents who live in Mesa and many others that know me and endorsed me that I hold nothing higher then my faith, my family and my community. I have real ideas and real solutions to put Arizona back on track. I believe we need to balance the budget without raising taxes. I have worked in private industry. I have also worked for government as a former police officer. I know we can do better…together. I ask you for your support this year to be our next state senator.

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