Wednesday, October 15, 2008

District 18 Update

The Tribune did a great article laying out the four candidates vying for the two house seats in District 18. It gives helpful insight into their economic views, and gives time to Independent Joe Brown who has not received as much attention because he isn't an R or a D.

Secondly, Russell Pearce got a cheer from the Tribune for his stance on blocking a $1 billion construction package for the universities in this current $300 million budget shortfall.

Finally, the Republicans have fired another shot at the Dems this time attacking the LD 18 candidates on social issues. While not on the list of trouble districts as noted by Nathan Sproul, it appears that they are going to continue to make the differences known in this conservative district. Here is a release that came out from Sherry Pierce (who appears to be part of Mesa Republican women and Wife of Corportation Commissioner Gary Pierce) yesterday:

Nativio and Pursley Oppose Traditional Marriage
Ash, Court, and Pearce only legislative candidates in District 18 who stand for traditional family values

MESA - The voters of Legislative District 18 have a clear choice when it comes to supporting marriage between a man and a woman and traditional family values.
"Families are the foundation of our society," said Sherry Pierce, "It is up to our elected leaders to do everything that is possible to protect our nation's traditional family values. When it comes to these issues, the voters in District 18 have a clear choice."

In his Project Vote Smart questionnaire, State Senate Candidate Judah Nativio says that he believes that Arizona should recognize civil unions between same-sex couples and is undecided on if same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. He also believes that abortions should always be legal.

His running mate, State House Candidate Tammie Pursley, is a supporter of Arizona Together who is advocating for the defeat of Proposition 102. She is joined by Democratic Legislators and Planned Parenthood Arizona in supporting this effort.
On the other hand, Republicans Cecil Ash, Steve Court, and Russell Pearce have all made clear their support for traditional marriage including Proposition 102 on the November ballot. All three candidates support traditional family values and are pro-life.

"On November 4th we have an opportunity to ensure that Mesa remains family friendly at our State Legislature," explained Pierce. "Ash, Court, and Pearce value the rights of unborn children and believe in the sanctity of a marriage between a man and a woman. With issues as critical as these, we need representatives who will defend families and realize the importance they are to our society."

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