Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crime is down

Chief Gascon says that serious crime is down in Mesa. While the name invokes a lot of different ideas, and usually leads to some sort of immigration discussion, lets leave that aside for a moment and look at the numbers.

Serious crimes like homicide, rape, burglary, theft, larceny and auto theft are down. Robbery and aggravated assaults are up. According to the story:

"Overall crime is down 9.4 percent this year compared to last year. And arrests are up about 7 percent."

This is great news for Mesa to see some increased enforcement and reductions in crime. We are still facing our fair share of tragedies like the stabbings at Fiesta Mall, but hopefully this is a trend in the right direction. I think its still too early to tell if this current economic breakdown is going to have an effect on crime. Let's hope that Mesa can stay moving in the right direction.

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