Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rhodes Swimming Pool Drama

All is well that ends well is probably the lesson that will be taken away from last night's drama surrounding the surfing amenity at the Rhodes Junior High Pool. Its taken the new Mesa City Council quite a bit of time to let a little district in-fighting finally happen. Its not all that surprising that an amenity at a community pool would be what comes under fire - especially since it was approved by the old council.

Interestingly, it was enough of an issue that everyone wanted to chime in. It wouldn't be surprised if there are a couple of feathers ruffled after this ordeal, but in the long run, I hope that Mesa is able to suffer past some of the parochial issues that plague other cities. In the end, it looks like Mayor Smith was able to explain the need to respect the process without allowing this type of spending to continue into the future.

It looks like the issue was handled well by everyone who is involved. Let's hope that the residents near Rhodes Junior High Pool actually use this amenity so that people won't have to second guess their decisions.

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