Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Arpaio waited 70 days

Turns out that the Sheriff's office waited 70 days to do something about Mesa's cleaning company after "agents determined that 22 of 25 employees were using Social Security numbers not assigned to them."

Simple math tells you that is 10 weeks. That is nearly a trimester of pregnancy. That is over half the length of the pro-football season. Its nearly as long as people have to vote their early ballots prior to the election.

Take a look at the timeline yourself. If hiring illegal employees were the issue here, 10 weeks would have been more than enough time for Mesa or its contractor to fix the problem. To put it another way, its also 10 more weeks that some one of illegal status kept a job over someone who was here legally. For those ardent illegal immigration reformers out there, is 10 weeks a good enough lag time to enforce the law? Can you look at this and see it as anything other than political?

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