Thursday, October 9, 2008

In their own words: Tammie Pursley

We have asked each of the legislative candidates to submit their own editorial to be posted on Mesa Issues. Over the next few weeks, as people reply, we will post their responses. Here is the next in our new series "In their own words" with Legislative District 18 House Candidate Tammie Pursley:

Thank you for this opportunity to clarify my priorities with Mesa Issues readers. Hello my name is Tammie Pursley and I am running for Arizona House of Representatives, District 18. Like you I have been in shock and awe over the past few weeks as I have seen the fallout of eight years of irresponsible deregulation, predatory lending practices run amuck , and legislators who have stepped aside and allowed it all to occur. If elected I would stand up for the people, as others should have before me. When I see something that is hurting the families of Arizona I will defend them and shed light on the problem while others wait and see what happens. As a member of the Mesa Police Advisory Board I have worked with the community and the police department to find solutions to problems with crime that Northwest Mesa faces. That is the type of leader I am and will continue to be.

Throughout this campaign I have been adamant about not raising taxes, especially in these difficult economic times. As I have shared with many of you while walking door-to-door in our neighborhoods. My plan is a comprehensive review of tax expenditures that curtails wasteful spending, finding more efficient systems to provide government services, taking those savings and reinvesting them in programs that benefit the citizens of Arizona not special interests which take the money and run. I believe in working as a bi-partisan team putting the needs of Arizona citizens first. I believe in building infrastructure to create the opportunities needed for a sustainable Arizona, both fiscally and environmentally, with a higher quality of life for all. This includes a health care system that serves the people, people should not have to see a loved one in pain as I have and have to contemplate whether they can afford the deductible to take them to the hospital. In addition, I believe that government has no place in taking away personal God given freedoms. Where I am a Christian and am guided by those beliefs I am able to take a more open view of the needs of my constituents to ensure that their voices are being heard and addressed not my personal preferences. It is for those reasons that I believe I am the right choice to truly represent the diversity of District 18 and would respectfully ask for your vote on November 4th. Thank you.

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